Healthcare Informatics

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1.  Mobile Healthcare - Proeffect Business Solutions can assist doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers with  mobile technology implementation on devices such as smartphones and tablets.  We help overcome security and HIPPA privacy regulations.  Let us help your organization give caregivers customized access at their fingertips.

2.  Cloud Computing and Virtualization – Grow and update infrastructure by saving money and resources.  No need to find staff to manage this task, Proeffect Business Solutions has a team ready to assist your practice.

3.  Big Data/Clinical Data Analytics – Look at what are the most common ailments and conditions, look at recovery rates for different procedures, and monitor vital signs of patients remotely, in real time.

4.  ICD-10 Compliance – Let our skilled professionals assist your organization with the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 compliant technology and billing systems.

5.  EHR and Patient accessible portals – Let us assist your organization with implementing an effective EHR system that allows healthcare professionals to engage with patients.  Be ahead of the HITECH act with the best solutions.

6.  Telemedicine – From low tech  to video presence consultations utilizing cutting edge technology.

7.  Security and Data Breach Prevention – Let us help you ensure you are doing everything possible to reduce employee mistakes and prevent identity theft.

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